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Account plating refers to the state of the game in which every account is two times harder to kill.

There are 2 types of account plating:

  1. Global account plating which is live for every user until first Godfather/First Lady ranks in the game appear.

In order to make sure everyone has a fair chance, Plating ending time will no longer happen during the night or any awkward hours. If plating ending time is not under 11 OT and 18 OT, it will be delayed until it reaches one of those. (Example: Plating would end at 20 OT, instead, 15 hours are added and it ends at 11 OT of the next day)

2. Individual account plating which is live until your first shot made

Account plating information can be found under the top bar.

Account plating
Account plating explained


Will I lose my account plating protection if someone attack me and I shoot bullets in backfire?

No. As defender you don't lose account plating protection. Only attackers.

Does account plating makes my account stronger as attacker?

No. Account plating makes only defending accounts harder to kill. Attackers have no benefit of it.

How can I see if some player has account plating on?

If you open a profile of other player it will say if his account is with plating or not.

When first Godfather comes and I didn't shoot anyone, will I still be under account plating?

No. Once first Godfather/First Lady rank appears in the game account plating is gone for everyone.

Will i lose plating if I shoot family in the same city?

If there are two (or more) families in the same city they don't have plating protection towards each other. However, if you shoot someone, you will loose your plating protection towards families that come from the outside as well.

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