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When you encounter a bug

Please report it in a ticket or in the channel #help at the irc network


Possessions lost

First you need to make sure that you did not make a mistake or anything else that might have caused it. As soon as you are sure that it was caused by a bug, you can report it in the Ticket System. Most so called bugs are user making mistakes when doing something. Omerta policy is not to refund anything that was caused by bugs or so called glitches. We simply can not check what was lost and how. We will do our best to make sure the bug is being fixed as soon as possible.



The Omerta crew can only report errors and bugs to the devteam, we have no insight in the work progress it is a department on itself. frequenting help channels for the reported issue will not speedup a solution.



When bugs occur in your benefit (like huge sums of money or bullets put on your account) you are not allowed to spent these items but obligated to report it to the crew. Abuse will be punished.


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