Familes can have its own Bullet Factory (BF). The owner is the player who made the purchase.

    Bullet factories are locked at the beginning of the version. Each family can unlock the purchase of bullet factory when their family is rank 5 and has enough money in the bank to buy it. By purchasing bullet factory player automatically becomes family capo. Bullet Factory owner can be changed only when capo hands over his regime.
    Each family can have only one BF and there is only one BF per city. The bullet factory has to be in the same city the family is.
    The owner can stop and restart the bullet manufacturing and he can define the bullet price (between 1 and 5000 dollars each). He just has to be in the BF city to get access to the control panel.

     The production of bullets in bullet factory is based on the number of spots the capo owns:

    1 spot = 240 bullets per hour

    2 spot = 480 bullets per hour

    3 spot = 720 bullets per hour

    4 spot = 960 bullets per hour

    5 spot = 1200 bullets per hour

    As capo can have anywhere between 1 to 5 spots, bullets that family bullet factory can produce per hour is based on this number.   

    With 5 spots, BF produces 100 bullets every 5 minutes and each bullet costs $250 which are automatically deducted from the owner's pocket. If the owner doesn't have enough money to pay the production, he loses the BF and all bullets that weren't bought yet. So, if you don't have money, stopping the production can be a very good idea.

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