Omerta Round 1 is update from v4 to v5 server of Omerta game. Here is the list of updates:

    1. User Interface
    2. Live chat
    3. City maps
    4. End of the game concept
    5. City gift
    6. Rebirth system
    7. Anti-cheat



    Game versionv5.4
    Start date20th July 10 OT

    End date

    27th September

    *Note: With the amount of families standing don of the winning family and the winning family won't get star and vouchers

    User Interface

    The change in UI brings more life into users character together with improved interactivity.

    • The Avatar allows you to get real time info about your character; what is your health status, rank progress or overall position in the game. As well, it gives you easy access to see your possessions: houses and transportation per city.
    • The side bar has four shortcuts, which allow you easy access to maps, messages, alerts and chat.
    • The top bar is adapted for easier follow up adding the latest news, game changes and your master account settings.'Omerta' menu is removed. The most frequently used links from it have been moved to the top bar, including the tickets and donate.
    User Interface

    Live Chat


    In the Mafia world, words are more important than guns!
    Ingame Live Chat has been implemented so players can easily keep in touch with their partners in crime.
    The Chat window occupies all the right side of the interface. layers can open or close it seamlessly - you only need to click on the arrow button, which you can find on the top of the interface, on the right side.
    Live Chat

    Capo regimes

    Capo regimes are now changed. Capo regime is no longer a unique spot. Instead, it is represented by a group of spots.

    All details about city maps and capo regimes you can find on our wiki.

    Example of city map

    End of Game concept (EOG)

    For the first time ever, Omerta will have a strategically objectives. It is very simple. A family is a winner of a version if they conquer a city for X number of days. The X varies depending of the size of the city. In this way it is easier for players to understand the status of the version - if it is playable or if it is near the end.  

    Conquering a city

    City gift

    Gifts system is implemented to reward active players, by giving them something 'extra' for being online.


    Rebirth system

    New rebirth system is based on short term objectives called milestones.

    Milestones are represented by certain items from your dead account, such as: bullets, money, rank progress, kills, work experience (car and crime nicks) and bustouts.

    This system is developed and implemented with goal to reward activity of users on their rebirth accounts and for not giving up. Another goal is to give you opportunity to have your name on Hall of Fame, even if you died with your first account.

    All information regarding this update can be found on Rebirth system page


    Anti-cheat system

    There is no more here is no more entering 3 letters for every action you take. From now on, there is ONLY a security check! These checks are made to prevent EVERY script to run! Omerta is back to players!

    I am not a robot

    Game Events

    20 July 2017 - Start of the round

    28 July 2017 - Phoenix (Detroit) is the first family up in this round! Congratulations!

    13 August 2017 - Scorpion (Bratva) is the first Godfather of this round. Congratulations!

    07 September 2017 - First countdown in this round is running for family Bratva (Corleone)

    25 September 2017 - Aeterna family started second countdown in this round.

    27 September 2017 - Aetleviassa family is the official winner of this round! Congratulations!


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