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  1. Bullet factories to unlockables
  2. Family dependent bullet production
  3. Obay buy now button



Start date31 October 2018 - 11 OT
End date18 December
Winning familyDon of the winning familyTop killerTop rankerTop buster
Diff xzoneReisbeySatisfacStansfieldInnocenteyes

Bullet factories

Bullet factories are becoming family unlockable. It's no longer possible to buy a bulletfactory when you start a family, as this spot is locked. However, it is possible to buy one after you unlock it in your family panel:


- When unlocking a crusher you get access to all levels

  1. Allow Expansion $ 0 Bought
  2. Set a second successor $ 7,500,000
  3. Unlock crusher $ 15,000,000
  4. Set a family buster & hammer $ 5,000,000
  5. Buy a bullet factory $ 7,500,000


The conditions to unlock are based on family rank and money in family bank. Family can buy bullet factory when it is ranked to level 5 and has all previous family unlockables purchased. Family needs $7,500,000 in family bank to purchase bullet factory unlockable.


Bullets production

The production of bullets in bullet factory is based on the number of spots owned by the capo that runs the bullet factory:

1 spot = 240 bullets per hour

2 spot = 480 bullets per hour

3 spot = 720 bullets per hour

4 spot = 960 bullets per hour

5 spot = 1200 bullets per hour

As capo can have anywhere between 1 to 5 spots, bullets that family bullet factory can produce per hour is based on this number.



Obay now has a buy now button for DC's, to make it easier to buy DC's and to avoid getting scammed at the black market.

Seller is able to define a new column "buy it now" which has to be higher than "minimum bid" and has a 10M$ maximum limit.


In case you want to know more....

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:


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