• Family which had 5 or more members admin killed cannot in running round cannot be Hall of Fame winner1
    • Family which has been admin killed cannot be Hall of Fame winner2
    • Player who was admin killed in running round cannot be Hall of Fame winner

    Akills are connected to certain family ID (new family, new ID)

    2Admin killed family is family that has been removed from the game by admins without akilling don

    Ignoring these guidelines will have as a result that the chances are high that you won't be spared. Being ignorant is NOT an excuse

    • After a punishment you can come to us and tell us it was your brother or partner etc, but that will not change the fact that you broke the rules. We will not undo the punishment/kill because of that. If you are caught multiple times by us, you risk an IP ban. Cheaters and dupers do nothing but upset the game experience for the honest players out there, and we are doing everything we can to get rid of them.


    You are duping when you own more than one (alive) account. No matter what you use it for or what the reason of it is. When you get caught for duping your accounts will be removed there is always a 100 % proof for that when it is done, we do not go out and just kill accounts for being on the same IP etc, you better go out and ask yourself why this happened. 
    Basically you can log into your account at any place you like , but there is always a risk of being suspected for account sharing or duping.
    So first make sure that where you log in there aren't any other accounts! 
    When you know people who have dupe accounts you can report them to crew, by sending in an ticket or go to #help on the IRC network.

    IP Violations

    It is possible to play from the same ip-adress with your brother/sister friends etc., but you have a higher risk of being recognized as a cheater!
    It doesn’t help to mention on your profile that you play from multiple locations because it is impossible for crew to remember all brothers, sisters and friends.
    To prevent this from happening it is very important to follow these guidelines:

    • Never share passwords 
    • Never Log in at computers/IP's of people that are known scripters.

    Account Share

    If you play with more people on one account, your account will be killed immediately for account sharing. No matter the rank of your account.
    Logging in to the account of someone else will result in a kill for both accounts! Do not take the risk cause you will lose more than you can win. 
    When you takeover a account started by someone else and you get caught, both accounts will be killed.

    Proxies and Anonymous Surfing

    We want to highlight that use or proxy or VPN service to play Omerta is strictly forbidden and if it is found on your account you will get an akill. If you are obligated to use them (for whichever possible reason), write a ticket with all information and reasoning you can give us, so our tech team can confirm them and approve/deny. This is the only way you can avoid getting akilled for logging in on Proxy or VPN.

    We also check the use of an open proxy server, and if found one, the open proxy server will be banned.


    Consequences for omerta groups and families

    • When a member of a omerta family is adminkilled, all the rankpoints this member contributed to the family are taken away so that will make the family weaker.
    • When the Boss/Don of the omerta family is adminkilled his/her family will be removed from the game!!
    • Is inkilling low ranked accounts to reset spots in the family is allowed or not?  While we consider sacrificing legit account(s) as valid gaming strategy, using dupe (or any other kind of cheat) account(s) to do such is NOT ALLOWED. If any family is caught in resetting spots by inkilling irregular (dupe or other kind of cheat) accounts, that family will be akilled.

    Other Information

    Crew may message any account accused of not playing fair and if no satisfactory response is received the account may be frozen until such time as the player can be correctly identified.

    To identify a player, crew may ask for an ID when we suspect an account of serious cheating and if none is forthcoming we will consider that to be breach of player's contract with us to 'play fair' and we will take appropriate action.

    It is not that hard to find someone else to do a heist etc with. There are a lot of other people to do that with. 
    It is also not that hard to NOT login when you are visiting your friends and family etc.

    It is not allowed to have so called trade or funding accounts. Transfers between players is not a problem but having several accounts owned by others with the sole reason to send you all money they make is not allowed.

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