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Applied to the following versions:

  • Portuguese

  • Turkish

  • Deathmatch

The protection

With the new City: Maps change, a family can only have 5 members (with Don included) in the family on the first 12 hours*.

Each spot, requires 12 hours* of cooldown in order to purchase the next, this means that only after 48 hours, the family can have 20 members.

The protection helps you getting some time to make important decisions on the future of the family without fearing the attack of enemy families.

*for TR cooldown is 6 hours, meaning that family can have 40 members by the time 48h protection ends

Who does it affect?

To avoid abuses, this rule only applies ONCE per account. This means, if you get the protection from a family, your account won't be able to get any family protection again, unless you die and start a new one.

What is the objective

In order to help new families, when a family starts they will have 48h protection, this means, that every user that joins the family will be under those 48h protection of family and therefore can't be shot.

You are not able to shoot or get shot during this time

Family protection is related to family creator, not family boss


  • Family protection starts when the family is created, and it lasts following 48 hours. Users can get family protection only during those 48 hours.
  • Family protection is only active once per account. This means that if a player is in a family and already had protection, if leaves to create a new family, the family created by this player will not have protection.
  • If you join family which has 15 minutes of protection left, you will have only 15 minutes of protection and your account won't be able to get protection again.

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