An IRC Client is a program used to connect to an IRC Network and chat. There is a wide variety of IRC Clients and most of them don't work on all Operating Systems.
    The IRC Clients listed below are all decent IRC Clients. It is up to you choose one that fits your needs.

    mIRC (Windows)

    The most popular IRC Client for Windows is mIRC. It has plenty of features, a nice interface and it has an unique Scripting-feature that always to fully costumize your mIRC Client.

    • You can download the lastest mIRC version here

    The current version of mIRC is 7.51.

    Thanks to it's Scripting-feature, there are several Preconfigured mIRC Clients that allow you to easily connect and interact with our network.


    TraScript is a fairly new preconfigured mIRC Client. It is made and maintained by Trace, a long time member of the Omerta IRC Crew.
    A preconfigured mIRC client is almost the same as a normal mIRC client. It is, however, already out of the box configured to connect to our IRC network and use it there. This makes sure you can enjoy a rather painless and easy way to get on our network.
    It also has some handy features to interact easily with NickServ, ChanServ, etc. 

    It's a remake of POCT. Former POCT users therefor will recognize many things


    POCT Chat was formerly known as Omerta Script. It was made and maintained by Living, a former member of the Omerta IRC Crew.

    Note: The development of POCT has been ceased in 2007 and is therefor out of date.
    Note: The mIRC version used by POCT isn't fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and can therefor cause problems.

    We no longer support POCT. All POCT-users are recommended to install a newer IRC Client.


    NoNameScript is a customized mIRC Clients with a lot of features. It has a big group of loyal followers and an active forumcommunity to help you out. 
    It however requires you to first install the original mIRC Client. You need to have mIRC v6.34 installed to install the current NoNameScript-version. You can however update to a new mIRC-version afterwards.

    Note: NoNameScript is at the moment no longer being maintained.


    Borgirc is another customized mIRC Client updated to be used with mIRC 7.1. It has been around since 1998 and still has an active community. This mIRC-version is however only in available in Dutch at the moment.

    XChat (Linux/Windows)

    XChat is one of the most popular IRC Clients. Like mIRC, it supports multiple servers, has a great interface and is highly configurable.

    After installing additional modules, one can customize his XChat by writing scripts. These are however written in more advanced programminglanguages than mIRC's own scriptinglanguage.

    XChat supports both Linux and Windows.

    The official XChat version for Windows is not free. There are however unofficial free versions for windows.

    Chatzilla (Linux/Windows/Mac OS)

    Chatzilla is an addon for Mozilla-based browers, like Mozilla Firefox. It is a small and easy IRC Client for new users that contains some basic IRC-functions, like multiple connections, DCC, theming. It is also scriptable using JavaScript. Experienced and advanced users will find this IRC Client unsatisfying compared to the bigger IRC Clients.

    Chatzilla can be run on any platform that can run Mozilla-browsers.

    Colloquy (Mac OS)

    Colloquy is commonly used IRC Client for Mac. It is Open Source wich also means that it's free-to-use, unlike most other IRC Clients. Colloquy has a nice design, many features and is also costumizable by writing scripts and installing modules. On top of that, it has a huge knowledgebase.

    It also has a mobile version (Colloquy Mobile).

    Colloquy is only compatible with Mac OS X.

    Konversation (Linux)

    Konversation is a free IRC Client build on the KDE-platform. It is the default IRC-client on many prominent Linux-distributions, such as openSUSE and the KDE version of Fedora.
    It supports SSL, IPv6, multiple connections, DCC, theming, etc. Konversation is also scriptable using shell scripts and includes support for aliases and an action system for automatic events. Like all other major IRC Clients, it supports SSL, IPv6 and DCC.

    Konversation supports many Linux-distributions.

    KVIrc (Linux/Windows/Mac OS/FreeBSD)

    KVIrc is a popular free IRC Client with a visual interface. It is included in several Linux-distributions, but versions for other OS are also available. KVIrc has the same features as most IRC Clients, like support for SSL, multiple servers, DCC... The interface also supports emoticons and is highly customizable by installing themes or by writing scripts in KVIrc's own scripting-language.

    KVIrc can be run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

    Irssi (Unix/Windows/Mac OS)

    Irssi is an IRC-client with a mainly text-interface. It is run on Unix-like systems, but can also be run on Windows using Cygwin. Because of this, Irssi isn't recommended for users that are not experienced with Unix.

    Irssi can be run on Unix-like systems, Windows (Cygwin), and Mac OS.

    Mobile Clients

    Mobile phones have different operating systems, so they also require different IRC Clients. Mobile IRC Clients are mostly limited in their capabilities and are therefor not really suited for extended use.

    We have shortly listed some IRC Clients below. It is up to you to test them and find one that works on your mobile phone.

    Androirc (Android) (Free)

    Androirc is a popular free IRC Client for Android phones with many features like multiple servers, SSL-support, auto-join and auto-login, etc.

    Colloquy Mobile (Iphone) (Not Free)

    This is one of the top sold IRC Clients on the Iphone. It's the little brother of Colloquy, one of the most popular IRC Clients for Mac and therefor also benefits of it's large community and extended documentation.

    Limechat (Iphone) (Not Free)

    Limechat is also one of the top sold IRC Clients for Iphones. It's a lightweight IRC Client. You however don't have the large community and extended documentation like Colloquy Mobile has.

    jmIRC (Java) (Free)

    jmIRC is a small and free IRC Client that can be run on any phone that supports Java. Because of it's limited size, it doesn't have any extra features.
    This IRC Client is a good alternative if you do not have a smartphone.


    Mibbit is a web-based IRC Client. This means that all you need is your webbrowser, you do not need to install anything else. Because of this, Mibbit is very suited if you are unable to install programs on your computer. You can even use it on most mobile phones.
    It's web-based nature however comes at a price. It's not very feature-rich and also not very customizable. It is also not optimized for our network. You should only use this if you are unable to install another Client (see the above clients).

    Mibbit comes in 2 version: A Full Client that you can change a tiny bit to your liking and save preferences, and a widget that allows site owners to make some small adjustments. The widget is the Webchat-client we link to.

    Word of Caution

    All links mentioned on this page are to third parties.

    Even when they are maintained by active people of the Omerta Community, Omerta Game Limited is not responsible for these files.

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