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A Mega OC is almost the same as an organized Crime, but it´s done on a larger scale. Assassins and higher can do a Mega OC once every three days.
It has higher risks and bigger profits; you can gain money, get jailed and get injured (you can't die).

You will need eight people instead of four:

  • A leader who organizes the crime and receives all of the profits. Costs for the leader are $750,000. Leader gets 20% extra rank points compared to other participants.
  • Three drivers and one of them should be driving a truck. The drivers should pick the best car they think for the mega OC and mark it as a MOC car in the Garage page. Have in mind that the car MUST be in the same city as Mega OC is taking place. After they do this, go to group crimes page and under Mega OC press Accept. After that you will be asked to select the car you want to use. Simply select one of the cars in the list and press Ready! Have in mind that one of the drivers should drive a Truck. Each driver will additionally get 2% of raceform.
  • Three weapon experts, who will lose their guns, bought in the market after a Mega OC. You will get the best result if you put 500(maximum amount) of bullets and 2 guns. After that press Ready! And wait for others. Weapon experts get 10% extra rank points and 1% raceform.
  • An explosives expert who can choose between EPE, TNT and C4. After that you will be asked to put in explosives which you want to use. You will get the best result if you put in EPE (most expensive). After that press Ready! And wait for the rest of the crew. Explosive expert gets 0.36% (100 bustous) jail busting skill. Don't forget! Busters can join MOC if they have 13750 BOs (50%)

It is very important that all users are in the same city, and all are aware of their positions in the Moc, if one of your members went offline.
You can just kick him/her and you will be asked to enter an new nick. If you don't want to do a MOC at all, just press "You don't want to take part in this Mega OC? Click here to cancel!"

Have in mind that if you cancel the Mega OC you will lose your stuff which you put into the MOC.

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