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MemoServ gives anybody the possibility to send a message to someone else at any time, whether online or not - provided you both are registered and you know their account name.

Note: In this faq we will use /msg memoserv to send commands to MemoServ. Most IRC Clients however also allow the use of /memoserv or /ms.

How do I send a message to another user?

To send a message to another user, you and they must both have a NickServ account and you must be identified. If you do not have a NickServ account, you must register your nickname first.

Once you have identified to NickServ, you can send a message with the SEND-command.


 /msg memoserv send RECIPIENT MESSAGE


 /msg memoserv send PrincessPeach I don't feel like rescuing today. Can we reschedule?

How do I list my messages?

To list your messages, ensure you are identified to NickServ and use the LIST-command.


 /msg memoserv list

The results might look like this:

 -MemoServ- You have 2 memos (0 new).
 -MemoServ- - 1 From: Ray Sent: Aug 29 22:25:09 2006
 -MemoServ- - 2 From: MemoServ Sent: Oct 12 08:30:43 2006

How do I read a message?

To read a message from the list, ensure you are identified with NickServ and use the READ-command.


 /msg memoserv read ID


 /msg memoserv read 1

This will read Ray's message from the above list.

The results might look like this:

 -MemoServ- Memo 1 - Sent by ray, Aug 29 22:25:09 2006
 -MemoServ- ------------------------------------------
 -MemoServ- Moocows rule my world, and I drink milk.

You can also read all unread message by entering NEW instead of an ID.


 /msg memoserv read new

How do I delete a message?

To delete a message from the list, ensure you are identified with NickServ and use the DELETE-command.


 /msg memoserv delete ID


 /msg memoserv delete 1

This would delete the message from Ray in our earlier example.

Note: the indices of messages will be adjusted after deleting a message. In our earlier example, the message from MemoServ will get the index 1.

You can also delete all read messages by using OLD instead of an ID or all messages by using ALL


 /msg memoserv delete old
 /msg memoserv delete all

How do I forward a message I received?

You can use the FORWARD-command to send a message you received to another user.


 /msg memoserv forward RECIPIENT ID


 /msg memoserv forward Bob 1

This would send Ray's message to Bob.

How do I stop someone sending from me memos?

Perhaps you might not like knowing that Ray likes drinking milk, and has a fetish for moocows. To stop Ray sending you any more memos, use the IGNORE command after identifying.


 /msg memoserv ignore USERNAME


 /msg memoserv ignore Ray

To unignore someone, use UNINGORE.


 /msg memoserv unignore USERNAME


 /msg memoserv unignore Ray

How do I stop anyone from sending me memos?

You can use NickServ's NOMEMO setting to disable memos for your account.


 /msg nickserv set nomemo on

To enable memos again, set NOMEMO to off.


 /msg nickserv set nomemo off

Can I get an emailnotification when I receive a memo?

We can do even better than that: you can get the actual memos sent to you by mail. All you have to do is turn on NickServ's EMAILMEMOS setting to on. This will forward all memos you receive to the e-mailaddress you used to register your NickServ-account.


 /msg nickserv set emailmemos on

To disable this again, set EMAILMEMOS to off.


 /msg nickserv set emailmemos off


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