1. Milestones



    Game versionv5.4
    Start date10 August 10 OT

    End date

    04 October


    In this round we will focused on adaptation of milestones, making them more user friendly. One of the most important changes is  the limit of 40% (4 milestones) of bustouts as start choice (same principle as rank progress milestones). This means, when you rebirth, you can select only 4 milestones for bustouts. Other 6 you can claim by rising your number of bustouts.


    Game Events

    10 August 2017 - Start of the round

    16 August 2017 - Elitair is the first family in this round! Congratulations!

    28 August 2017 - Aztecs (College) is the first Godfather in this round! Congratulations!

    02 October 2017 - College family is running countdown in Palermo.

    04 October 2017 - College family is the official winner of this round! Congratulations!

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