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  1. SMS for milestones
  2. Spots reset
  3. Hall of Fame star removal upon an admin kill



Game versionv5.4
Start date17 November 11 OT

End date

13 December

SMS for milestones

When your milestone is ready to collect you will receive SMS notification to your phone.

In order for this to happen you need to be registered for Omerta SMS service and you need to allow automated notifications about your account when you are offline on your SMS settings page.

Don't forget!

Omerta SMS is sent only when your account is offline!

Cost of milestone SMS is 2 SMS credits


SMS settings
SMS settings.png

Spots reset

If spots owner dies spot won't reset.


Hall of Fame star removal upon an admin kill

If a player, who won Hall of Fame in the past, gets an admin kill, his star will be automatically removed


In case you want to know more....

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

Game Events

17 November 2017 - Start of the round

25 November 2017 - Families Redhand, Infection, Sheep and Ski park are shot down!

27 November 2017 - Family Beliebers is shot down!

5 December 2017 - Family Legends is shot down!

7 December 2017 - Families Camorra and Pinkhand are shot down!

10 December 2017 - Family Portucalle is shot down!

13 December 2017 - Families Asylum and Hospicium are shot down! Blackhand family is the official winner of this round! Congratulations!

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