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This Round is consisted on numerous bugfixes from previous patches. The most important/visual one's are:

  • fixed timers
  • fixed automated EOG to generate hall of fame
  • fixed Facebook login (it was not showing on some browsers on homepage)
  • fixed an issue with login where user would get an error saying "User doesn't exist" in case the mail address was not working
  • fixed issue with bullet factories production start
  • added pagination on forums when thread is closed
  • added time limit for all accommodations instead of villa only
  • fixed a bug where capo could handover to 48h protected users
  • added a redirect on SMS page when user clicks on profile "Send SMS"
  • improved anti-cheat measures



Game versionv5.4
Start date23 October 14 OT

End date

04 December 2 OT


Winning family

Don of winning



Top ranker


Top killer


Top buster




Browser with Ingame Notifications

Up on the game tab where it says Omerta (PT) you will get notifications about mentions on chat, alerts and messages you receive while you are on other pages on your browser. This is done in order to draw your attention so you don't miss what matters

Browser notifications about your game

In case you want to learn more...

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

  1. Chat
  2. Bullets and shooting limit
  3. End of game concept
  4. Accommodation
  5. 48h family protection
  6. UI

Game Events

23 October 2015 - Start of the round

29 October 2015 - First family up this round is Valhalla in city Detroit

5 November 2015 - Goodfellas and Popeye families are shot down

6 November 2015 - Whitehand and Intrepidos families are shot down

7 November 2015 - Iustitia family is shot down

8 November 2015 - Museum family is shot down

9 November 2015 - Blackhand family is shot down

11 November 2015 - Malavitta and Soa families are shot down

11 November 2015 - Jack from family Valhalla is the first Godfather of round. Congratulations!

12 November 2015 - Many families are shot down: Utopia, Amish, Toxic, Apocalipse and Syndicate

14 November 2015 - Conspiracy, Dolcevitta and Oasis families are shot down

15 November 2015 - Gamblers and None families are shot down

16 November 2015 - Genovese and Montana families are shot down

17 November 2015 - Storytellers family got shot down

18 November 2015 - Families Osiris, Toxic and Juveleo got shot down

19 November 2015 - Families Bustout and Ossonoba got shot down

20 November 2015 - Family Medellin got shot down

21 November 2015 - Family Mathmatik got shot down

28 November 2015 - Family United got shot down

29 November 2015 - Family Valhgctamis started countdown in Chikago

30 November 2015 - The countdown reaches zero but once family Valhgctamis lost some spots the round is continuing!

3 December 2015 - Family Valhalagct started a new countdown!

4 December 2015 - Family Valhalagct is the official winner of this round. Congratulations!








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