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This round we have made modification on Killing Algorithm (KA). Modification is related to the defense strength of the accounts. Assassin+ accounts will be harder to kill.



Game versionv5.4
Start date9 December 12 OT

End date

11 January


Winning familyDon of the winning familyTop rankerTop killerTop buster

In case you want to learn more...

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

  1. Chat
  2. Bullets and shooting limit
  3. End of game concept
  4. Accommodation
  5. 48h family protection
  6. UI

Game Events

9 December 2015 - Start of the round

15 December 2015 - Stark (Detroit) is the first family up

21 December 2015 - Families Lannister and Syndicate are shot down

24 December 2015 - Families Royal and Kings are shot down

28 December 2015 - Families Whitehand and Osonobba were shot down

29 December 2015 - Family Massena was shot down

30 December 2015 - Families Blackhand, Squad and Austin were shot down

31 December 2015 - Familes Guardians, Ullsee and Custonacci were shot down

1 January 2016 - Family Freelancer was shot down

2 January 2016 - Families Cosanostra, Mirtylist, Buscape and Cobras were shot down

3 January 2016 - Families Sjmfamily and Platonico were shot down

4 January 2016 - Families Hospicio, Assembleia and Infamous were shot down

5 January 2016 - Families  Bustout and Targaryen are shot down 

8 January 2016 - Family Valgctgot started countdown for Detroit

 9 January 2016 - Families Mattiazzi and Tyrell are shot down

11 January 2016 - Family Valgctgot is the official winner of this round! Congratulations!




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