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This round we have following updates:

  1. HOF winners rules
  2. Local chief bullets limit




Game versionv5.4
Start date26 May 12 OT

End date

30 Jun 19 OT

Hall of Fame winners rules

Further adaptations have been made to defining winners and rewards. In order for someone to win GOLD reward, there can be only one family alive. All details can be found on respective page.



Winning familyDon of the winning familyTop rankerTop killerTop buster

Local Chief bullet to shoot limit

Local Chief rank already had certain limitations when shooting on one rank lower (Assassin). From now on, limitation is added for shooting same rank.

  • Local Chief shooting Assassin is limited to maximum 15,000 bullets to fire
  • Local Chief shooting Local Chief is limited to maximum 40,000 bullets to fire
  • Local Chief shooting Chief+ is limited to maximum 60,000 bullets to fire


Game Events

26 May 2016 - Start of the round

02 Jun 2016 - Blackhand is the first family UP! Congratulations!

06 Jun 2016 - Families Whitefoot and Blackfoot are shot down

07 Jun 2016 - Families Dogma and Promises are shot down

08 Jun 2016 - Family Gotham is shot down

09 Jun 2016 - Families Singularity and Moca are shot down

12 Jun 2016 - Families Gunit and Gotham are shot down

15 Jun 2016 - Families Prohibition and Decavalcante are shot down

17 Jun 2016 - Family Pragma is shot down

19 Jun 2016 - Families Independend and Brazilian are shot down

20 Jun 2016 - Family Innocence is shot down

24 Jun 2016 - Families Goldhand and Brilhantinas are shot down

28 Jun 2016 - Family Redhand is shot down

28 Jun 2016 - Countdown is running for family Godhand!

30 Jun 2016 - Families Blackhand and Whitehand are shot down

30 Jun 2016 - Family Godhand is the official winner of this round! Congratulations!



In case you want to learn more...

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

  1. Chat
  2. Bullets and shooting limit
  3. End of game concept
  4. Accommodation
  5. 48h family protection
  6. UI
  7. Winning


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