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This round has no major updates. However, we have prepared mini survey for you to hear your opinion about PT rounds.

You can find survey on following link:

Please use your ingame mail to verify your identity on survey. Only valid accounts feedback will be taken into consideration.



Game versionv5.4
Start date18 August 12 OT

End date

9 September 9 OT


Winning familyDon of the winning familyTop rankerTop killerTop buster



In case you want to learn more...

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

  1. Chat
  2. Bullets and shooting limit
  3. End of game concept
  4. Accommodation
  5. 48h family protection
  6. UI
  7. Winning


Game Events

18 August 2016 - Start of the round


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