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  1. Rebirth system
  2. City gift
  3. Translations adapted

  4. Chat speed improved



Game versionv5.4
Start date06 January 11 OT

End date

02 February 12 OT


The winning familyDon of the winning familyTop rankerTop killerTop buster

Rebirth System

New rebirth system is based on short term objectives called milestones.

Milestones are represented by certain items from your dead account, such as: bullets, money, rank progress, kills, work experience (car and crime nicks) and bustouts.

This system is developed and implemented with goal to reward activity of users on their rebirth accounts and for not giving up. Another goal is to give you opportunity to have your name on Hall of Fame, even if you died with your first account.

All information regarding this update can be found on Rebirth system page


City Gift

Gifts system is implemented to reward active players, by giving them something 'extra' for being online.



Overall translations of the game from English to Portuguese language are improved


Chat speed

There won't be anymore long loading and delays on ingame chat.


In case you want to know more....

Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

Game Events

06 January 2017 - Start of the round

12 January 2017 - GCT is the first family up in this round! Congratulations!

15 January 2017 - Family Blackhand is shot down

16 January 2017 - Family Redhand is shot down

17 January 2017 - Family Cobras is shot down

19 January 2017 - Families Whitehand and Sanguinary are shot down

20 January 2017 - Family Valhalla is shot down

21 January 2017 - Family Blackhand is shot down

23 January 2017 - Family Esperanza is shot down

24 January 2017 - Family Sceleratus is shot down

26 January 2017 - Weeeee is the first Godfather in this round! Congratulations!

28 January 2017 - Families Andragathia, Talamasca and Tropics are shot down

29 January 2017 - Family Cienfuegos is shot down 

31 January 2017 - Family GCT started countdown!

31 January 2017 - Families Goodfellas and Resistenza are shot down

01 February 2017 - Families Underworld and Gds are shot down

02 February 2017 - GCT family is the official winner of the round! Congratulations!

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