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Getting an IRC Client and connecting

The first thing you need to do if you want to chat on IRC, is getting an IRC Client (or Chat Program).
You can choose to use a stand-alone IRC Client (a chat program you install on your computer) or Mibbit (a chat client in your browser).

Stand-alone IRC Client (recommended)

There are lots of IRC Clients out there. You can find a short list at IRC Clients.
If you have windows, you can use TraScript, a pre-configured IRC Client for Omerta, and all you have to do is run the install program and you'll be able to connect to our network. You can also choose to install and setup the original mIRC or any other mIRC variant.

If you do not have windows, you can take a look at all the other IRC Clients.

When you are not using a preconfigured mIRC Client, you need to enter the following details to connect to our network:

Usually this is done by typing /server or /server


Mibbit is an IRC Client that is run in your web browser and does not require you to install any additional programs. The capabilities of Mibbit are however limited. It is recommended to use a stand-alone IRC Client when possible.

You can choose to use the widget or the full client.

  • When launching the widget, it'll automatically connect to our network. The link to the widget can also be found to the left of the Wiki named Start Webchat and in Omerta on the page Chat.
  • When using the full client, you first have to select Barafranca [webirc] in the dropdownmenu at the top in the IRC-box. You can also choose a nickname and any channels you want to join upon connecting. The full client has some more functions than the widget and allows personal customization, making this a better choice if you have to use Mibbit for a longer period.


The chatbar

Whatever type of IRC Client you use, chatting is done from the chatbar. This is always located at the bottom of your screen.
When you are in a channel or in a query (also know as PM or private chat), you can just type your message in this bar and it will be send to the channel you are in/the user you are talking to.


Chatting on IRC is done in Channels (sort of a chatroom). There are lots and lots of channels. Each channel can have it's own topic (subject) where they talk about. In a channel, you can talk to many users at once. Channelnames always start with a #. An example of a channel is #omerta: this is the official channel of the international version (
When you are in a channel, you will see a list of nicks to the right of your screen, this is the nicklist and it shows you all the users that are currently in the channel.
To join a channel, you can use the /join #CHANNEL-command (read more about commands).

Private Chat (PM)

You can also talk to someone in private. This is done in a query (also known as PM). Nobody else but you two will be able to read what is being said.
To start a private chat, doubleclick on the users nick in the nicklist or type /query NICK, for example: /query DonkeyKong. This will open up a new window-tab in your IRC Client with the users nick as title. When you type in this window, your messages will be send to that user only.


Command in the chatbar

While chatting on IRC, you will also use a lot of so-called commands. These commands trigger special functions in your IRC client and always start with a /.
Some examples already mentioned are /join #CHANNEL and /query NICK.

Commands are entered in the same chatbar at the bottom of your screen. Because commands start with a /, the text will not be send to the channel/the user like normal text.

See also the full list of commands.

There are several basic commands you must know when you are chatting on IRC

Change your nickname

To change your nickname, you can use the /nick-command. Your nick can contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and special characters like [, ], |, `, ^, {, }, - and _. A nickname can not contain spaces.




/nick Donk|away
/nick Donkey

Join a channel

To join a channel, you need to use the /join-command. Some channels can only be joined when you enter the password correctly.
You can also join a channel by clicking on the channelname after somebody said it.
It is also possible to join multiple channels at once with this command




/join #omerta
/join #private Secretpass7
/join #privatechan,#privatefam MySecretRocks,MyFamilyIsTheBest
/join #public,#private ,Secretpass7

Leave a channel

To leave a channel, you can use /part-command. If you do not enter a channel, you will leave the channel you are currently viewing. You can also enter a partmessage. This will be showed to the other users in the channel when you leave.
It is also possible to leave a channel by clicking the x on the tab of the channel. You can use this command to also leave multiple channels at once.




/part #omerta
/part #omerta,#orgcrime
/part #heist Goodbye and thanks for all the fish :D

Get information about someone

With the /whois-command, you can request some info about a user. In most IRC Clients, you can also get this info by (right-)clicking on the nick and choosing whois.
If you enter the nickname twice, you can get extra information, like idle-time. (Note: some IRC Clients show this extra info by default).


/whois NICK (NICK)


/whois Brainscrewer
/whois Martin Martin

Message someone

You can also send a message to a user without first opening a query by using the /msg-command. This will still just open a query when somebody sends a message to you with this command.




/msg Donkey Hi, how are you?

Registering your nick

One of the things you certainly should do, is registering your nick on IRC. This is done with NickServ, one of our IRC services that take care of everything concerning your IRC nick.

Start by changing your nick to the nick you want to register, this will be your accountname. Example: /nick Foobar.

Next, you use NickServ's register-command to register your nickname.

Note: The following examples will always use /msg NickServ. In most IRC Clients however, it is also possible to use /ns.


/msg NickServ register PASSWORD E@MAIL

PASSWORD is a password you made up yourself. This password is case sensitive! Do NOT forget this and do NOT give this to anyone else! Remember this pass, as you will need it to log in.


/msg NickServ register Notsostrong

When succesfull, NickServ will answer:

-NickServ- An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to
-NickServ- If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
-NickServ- Foobar is now registered to, with the password Notsostrong.

NickServ has sent an e-mail containing activation instructions. You MUST follow these instructions within 24 hours. If you do not do this, your registration will expire.
If you cannot find the e-mail, be sure to check your Spambox!

The e-mail will look like this:

In order to complete your registration, you must send the following command on IRC:
/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Foobar hhgcpjfydgyl
Thank you for registering your nickname on the Omerta IRC network!
Thank you for your interest in the Omerta IRC network.

You will need the following line:

/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Foobar hhgcpjfydgyl


Type this on IRC to verify (activate) your registration. When succesfull, NickServ will answer the following:

-NickServ- Foobar has now been verified.
-NickServ- Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

If NickServ tells you that the code is wrong, try retyping it again and make sure you are not missing any letters.

Now your nickname is registered.
However, if you do not log in for 365 days, your registration will expire and you will have to register again.

Logging in

When you have registered your nickname, you will have to log in everytime you connect to your IRC network. To log in, use NickServ's identify-command.


/msg NickServ identify NICK PASSWORD

PASSWORD is the password you entered when you type /msg NickServ register PASS E@MAIL.


/msg NickServ identify foobar Notsostrong




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