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Applied to the following versions:

  • Deathmatch

Rank progress boost, as the name says, is a multiplied rank progress for every action in the game, during limited period of time.

We have two types of rank progress boost:

  1. Rebirth boost
  2. Group crimes boost

Boost indicator

You can check the icon for boost on the topbar!

Boost multiplyer

If you are under rebirth boost and you do 20 group crimes, your boost will multiply and you will have 2x2 rank progress speed

Rebirth boost


After user dies, he can rebirth and get triple (2x) rank progress for limited period of time. The time of boost is defined by the rank of the account which died.

For accounts lower than Soldier there is no boost. For the other ranks boost time is as following:

RankBoost time
Soldier 12:00:00
Swindler 21:00:00
Assassin 30:00:00
Local Chief 39:00:00
Chief 48:00:00
Bruglione 48:00:00
Capodecina 48:00:00
Godfather 48:00:00




if user died with rank Local chief, his rebirth account will have 39 hours of triple (2x) rank progress.

Group crimes boost

After 20 group crimes done, user will get two hours of double rank progress boost. This means that every action in the game will give him double rank progress.

Group crimes are:

Route 66 

Raid a spot

Organised Crime (OC)

Mega OC

When you activate your group crimes boost, you get a chance to gain more work experience as well. If you are doing crimes, car nicks and smuggling (booze and narcs) manually, they will count for double experience during boost period of time.


Boost is only applied when you are ranking manually. There is no 2x rank progress nor 2x work experience on lackeys.