Omerta undergoes resets on a regular basis based on End of the Game concept (EOG)

    Another reason for Omerta to reset could be cause we have major changes to the gameplay / features for which we need an reset.
    When any reset of one of our versions is to happen, some things you will want to keep in mind are as follows;

    • You can not take anything with you, no honor points, no money, no donation codes etc with an reset.
    • Donation codes from obay can not be taken to a new version.
    • You can claim your own nickname you'd like after the reset on the account overview page under my account

    Important regulations

    If one round has reached a 'dead end', game administration can enforce reset without winning family.

    Dead end is considered to be one (or all) of the following situations:

    • High number of standing families that refuse to shoot eachother, delaying EOG start
    • High number of Bruglione accounts alive that refuse to shoot eachother, delaying EOG start
    • Any other state of the game that is preventing normal game and rounds flow


    Don't forget

    Reset will be announced when game administrators consider that the game is closed.



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