Step 1: Download and Install mIRC

    Start by downloading and installing mIRC. Skip to Step 2 if you have already done that. You can download the latest version of mIRC here.
    A download window should appear, similar to the one below. You should click the Run or Open button.




    Once the download has completed, the mIRC installer will appear. You should follow the steps in the installer and install mIRC.

    Step 2: Start mIRC

    Start mIRC by selecting double-clicking the mIRC-icon on your desktop. You will get a notification about your mIRC-evaluation period. After 30 days, you need to wait 30 seconds before the Continue button becomes clickable. There are no other disadvantages from using the evaluation-version.
    Click on Continue untill the evaluation-screen closes.




    Step 3: Open Options

    If it's the first time you start mIRC, the options-window will open. If it doesn't open, press Tools >> Options or press ALT+O.



    Step 4: Enter your details

    Fill in the 4 text fields on the main Options-page.
    Full Name: This does NOT need to be your real name. It will be displayed in your /whois after the *: TheCainer is MyIdent@irc-admin.barafranca.comThisIsMyFullName
    Email Address:' This does NOT need to be your email address! The part before the @ will be your Ident and will be displayed in your whois before the @: TheCainer is * ThisIsMyFullName
    Nickname: This is your main nickname that will be used when you connect to IRC.
    Alternative: This is an alternative nickname. It will be used when your main nickname is already taken. This MUST be different from your main nickname!

    Note: If you are using mIRC 7, the fields for Full Name and Email Address are below Nickname and Alternative. In mIRC 7, it is also no longer required to fill in Full Name and Email Address. If left blank, default values will be used.


    Step 5: Add a new server

    On the left side of the Options-window, press Options >> Servers (1.). Next press Add on the right side of newly opened page (2.).



    Step 6: Enter server-details

    Enter the following settings (1.):
    Description: Omerta Server
    IRC Server:
    Ports: 6667
    Group: Omerta

    Press Add after you're done (2.).


    Step 7: Select the new server

    Select the newly added server (1.) and press the Select-button (2.).



    Step 8: Connect

    Press the Connect-button to connect to the Omerta Server.




    You are now connected to Omerta IRC Server and you can start chatting now. To join a channel, type /join #CHANNEL. Take a look at the Official Omerta Channels.



    Next time you want to connect, you can just press the Connect-symbol in the upperleft-corner.

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