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Applied to following servers

  • Portuguese
  • (COM) International
  • (NL) Dutch

A sister is:
An extra family that is under control of the same top;

  • To benefit from spots in another city
  • To get more promoted accounts (bruglione+)
  • To avoid the main family getting downed because of a too high amount of akills
  • To move completely from one city to another in case of war (main family needs to be down in the same day
  • To obtain spots in the same city

A sister is not:
- An family that is created for strategic reasons;
To shoot to another family
- A blood/strategic cooperation between families
- An family that is created by someone from outside the family in case the family don't got a highrank available yet

Additionally: Families in the same city can enter business negotiations over spots. This means family can expend by exchanging spot(s) with another family in the same city.

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