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Rewarding active users, not Lackeys...

Two main features of this round are:

  1. Villa defense is now dynamic:
    1. The total value of villa defense includes the villa items.
    2. When user logs out the strength of villa will increase from 0% to 100% within following 2 hours  
    3. After 2 hours the strength of Villa is 100%.
    4. After 8 hours the strength of Villa is no longer applied in case of attack.
  2. You need more driving skill in order to carry more bullets from the bullet factory.






Game versionv5.4
Start date15 July 2015 10 OT

End date

8 August 2015 7 OT


Winning familyDon of winning familyTop rankerTop killerTop buster

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you limiting the number of bullets I can buy?

It is important to understand that we are not limiting the number of bullets you can buy - the maximum value stays 1000. This value can be achieved in a single day. The only requirement is for you to be more active in the game, what was the sole purpose of this change.  It was not fair for active users to keep the same amount of bullets as the users who wouldn't even log in for the entire day. So the trick is simple, make sure you do your group crimes and don't forget to race! (smile)

If I have a villa, why should I lose it's defense points?

The two changes applied have exactly the same objective: reward active players. The reason behind this is simple - it is not fair for a user who doesn't login for hours/days to be as strong as a user who is constantly online.

With villa change, a user should (at least) login once a day. (It's not a hard thing to do!)

Don't forget!

  It takes 2 hours for you to get full defense from the villa (gradually)!

Game events

  • 15 July 2015 - Start of the game
  • 8 August 2015 - The game has ended
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