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Below is a list of available user modes on our network.

Usermodes are modes you can set on only yourself.

To (un)set a usermode, use the following syntax: 


Change YOURNICK into your current nickname and MODES into the usermodes you want to set.

or use

 //mode $me MODES
 /umode MODES

Only change MODES into the usermodes you want to set.

You can set modes, you can use +MODES and to remove modes, you can use -MODES.


 /mode Kcode +i
 //mode $me -R
 /umode +IS

You can also combine several modes into one command.


/mode Ray +wx
/mode Martin +i-RS


User Modes:

BMarks yourself as being a bot. This will be displayed when somebody whoises you.
cOther users need to share a channel with you before being able to PM/Query you.
dWith this mode you will not see any channel messages or channel notices.
iYou can not be seen in /who by non-IRC Opers
IHides your channels when somebody whoisses you. (You can still see your own channels)
ROnly users logged in to a verified NickServ account can Query (PM) you.
SStrips control codes (color, bold, etc.) from incoming private messages (PM's).
wAllows you to receive WALLOPS.
xEnables cloaking of your hostname.
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