These values are applied on International servers (.com and .dm). Check here values for local servers.

    Vouchers for top* players

     Gold VoucherSilver voucherBronze voucher
    Rank progress553010
    Money300.000 $200.000$100.000 $
    Cars1(random)1 (random)NONE
    • Bulletproof suit
    • Armored car
    • Bulletproof suit
    • Armored car
    • Bulletproof suit
    WeaponsTommy gunNONENONE
    TransportationHavilland DH 82AHavilland DH 82AFokker DR -1
    BodyguardsLex level 5 (special)Lex level 3 (special)Lex level 1 (special)

    *Top players are: top killer, top ranker and don of the winning family

    **Top ranker and top killer will always get gold voucher

    Vouchers for family members

     Gold VouchersSilver vouchersBronze vouchers
    Rank progress30100
    Money150.000 $100.000$50.000 $
    Cars1 (random)1 (random)NONE

    Bullet free vest

    Bullet free vest

    Bullet free vest
    TransportationFokker DR -1Fokker DR -1Fokker DR -1

    Vouchers for family members can be used 10 times on .com and 5 times on every other server.

    Vouchers for busters

     Gold Voucher
    Bust outs500
    Money100.000 $

    Bulletproof suit

    TransportationHavilland DH 82A
    BodyguardsRay level 5

    BETA server

    Vouchers on our BETA sever (Omerta Deathmatch) don't have rank progress included

    Multiply rewards

    Should someone win in more than one category they will only receive one voucher.

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