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    This round has several updates:

    1. Bullet factories
    2.   Rebirth system
    3. Chat: Added blacklist option(hide messages)



    Game versionv5.4
    Start date16 February 12 OT

    End date


    To be announced...


    Winner family



    Top ranker


    Top killer


    Top buster

    MIT SKYFALLLargeKinyasRealdreamCetomj
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    Bullet factories

    Bullet factories will have family price from now on. This means, family members can buy bullets at different price. For all other gangsters, maximum price of bullets will be 5,000$


    Rebirth System

    New rebirth system is based on short term objectives called milestones.

    Milestones are represented by certain items from your dead account, such as: bullets, money, rank progress, kills, work experience (car and crime nicks) and bustouts.

    This system is developed and implemented with goal to reward activity of users on their rebirth accounts and for not giving up. Another goal is to give you opportunity to have your name on Hall of Fame, even if you died with your first account.

    All information regarding this update can be found on Rebirth system page



    Annoyed by someone on live chat? Too much spam? You can add other gangsters to your blacklist! Once added, you won't be able to see messages from that gangster on the Live Chat. To add gangsters to blacklist, go to Chat Settings on the left menu.

    Chat blacklist
    Chat block.gif

    In case you want to know more....

    Visit following pages to get information about main changes implemented in past versions:

    Game Events

    16 February 2017 - Start of the round