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    1. SMS for milestones
    2. Spots reset
    3.  Hall of Fame star removal upon an admin kill  



    Game versionv5.4
    Start date30 November 10 OT

    End date


    SMS for milestones

    When your milestone is ready to collect you will receive SMS notification to your phone.

    In order for this to happen you need to be registered for Omerta SMS service and you need to allow automated notifications about your account when you are offline on your SMS settings page.

    titleDon't forget!

    Omerta SMS is sent only when your account is offline!

    Cost of milestone SMS is 2 SMS credits

    SMS settings
    SMS settings.pngImage Added

    Spots reset

    If spots owner dies spot won't reset.


    Hall of Fame star removal upon an admin kill

    If a player, who won Hall of Fame in the past, gets an admin kill, his star will be automatically removed