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    The e main function of bodyguards is to protect you from attacks by other players. 
    Apart from defending you, they can help you attack or counterattack, and some bodyguards can help you during normal gameplay as well.

    There are several different types of bodyguards, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 
    You can train your bodyguards in attack, defense and their unique special ability until they reach a total level of 10.

    The rules

    • Up to the rank of Swindler, you can only own 3 bodyguards.
    • At Assassin you can own 4.
    • From the rank of Local Chief you can own the maximum of 5 bodyguards.
    • You can only own one of each type of bodyguard.


    Training your bodyguard costs money and after you've trained them you will need to wait some time before you can train him again.

    You can train each bodyguard a total of 10 times until they are level 10. Buying a gun or vest for them does not increase their level.

    It costs more to specialize in 1 area than it does to spread the training around.

    Costs of BG per level:

    1	25.000
    2	55.000
    3	90.000
    4	135.000
    5	190.000
    6	260.000
    7	345.000
    8	450.000
    9	575.000
    10	725.000


    When you survive a kill attempt but take damage, some of your bodyguards might die.

    When you die and create a new account on your accounts overview, you can choose any benefit from the list for rebirth, The benefits you choose will determine how you will start on your new account. 
    When your account got killed by crew (admin killed) you also can make a choice from the benefits but then you will start again as empty suit without any special benefits.


    Rebirth options from bodyguards no longer exist and have been replaced with a list of rebirth options available for all accounts (except the ones who got Admin killed).

    You can choose from:

    • Start with a free bodyguard with free training.
    • Prevents jailtime on the new account
    • Defensive items are carried over from the old account
    • More rankpoints and money are carried over from the old account
    • A percentage of busting skill and busts are carried over from the old account, based on special level. NO rank is carried over on a rebirth.
    • Bullets are carried over from the old account
    • No rebirth benefits at all, meaning a complete restart as empty suit


    You can sell (and buy) bodyguards on Obay. Before you buy a bodyguard from Obay, check out their details to make sure they were trained in the way you want them to be.

    When you buy a bodyguard on Obay, unlocking conditions do not apply. 
    Make sure the Bodyguard you buy is max level and trained to your liking before you buy him.

    Selling on Obay can be a nice way to make money in general, or to profit from other families being involved in wars.
    Buying fully trained bodyguards is the quickest way to replace a bodyguard that has died.

    The bodyguards

    Below is a list of all bodyguards including their unlock conditions, cost, starting values, training progression, and specialties.

    Ike (balanced/bg training)

    • Specialty: Bodyguard training
    • Unlock: Available from start.
    • Cost: $50,000.
    • Starting values: Gun, vest, 25 defense, 10 attack.
      • Training increases defense by: 7.
      • Training increases attack by: 6.
    • Max defense value: 95.
    • Max attack value: 70.
    • Special: Reduces costs for all bodyguard training.