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The change in UI brings more life into users character together with improved interactivity.

The new changes affect:

  1. Avatar
  2. Side Bar
  3. Top bar
  4. Cool - down icons





The Avatar allows players to get real time info about their character. In it ( and around the circle), you can find:

  • What is your Health Status
  • Rank Progress
  • Overall Position in the game and Points
  • Your Gangster name and Family

Attached to this, you also have shortcuts to easily access accommodations and transports in the city you currently are.

Check in live time your Rank and Health status

Two Market Shortcuts

Side Bar

The side bar has four shortcuts, which allow you easy access to maps, messages, alerts and chat. 

Chat icon

We are currently moving the chat icon from this side bar to the top bar, where it can also be reached easily through an arrow icon.

Shortcuts and chat's new icon

Top Bar

The top bar is adapted for easier follow up adding the latest news, game changes and your master account settings.  

The 'Omerta' menu was removed. The most frequently used links/buttons from it have been moved to the top bar. Now, from the top bar you can access the following:

  • Forums
  • Donate Page
  • Tickets 
  • Logout
  • Chat display 



Left side of top bar - Access forums

Right side - Buttons to Donate, Tickets, logout and chat

Cool-down icons

Right below the Top Bar, on the left side of the UI, you can see icons to:

  • Perform a crime
  • Steal a Car
  • Travel
  • Buy bullets
  • Boost your account (for now, only for DM)

These icons allow you two things:

  1. Access the corresponding action (with a click)
  2. Manage how much time you will have to wait to do them again (looking at the blue stripe around the circle).

When the action icons appear more transparent than usual, it means you did them recently and you can't perform them yet: you will have to wait until the opacity fills in to 100%. The blue stripe around each circle will tell how much time left.


Boost icon

The boost icon (the red one, with a thunder) is currently applied on Omerta DM only.



Access actions and manage cool-downs

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