End of game/round

    The End of Game concept is based on following facts:

    A family has conquered 100% of their city either by buying all the spots or by the shooting a family from same city and took over all their spots



    When a family triggers/reaches the last spot of the city a COUNTDOWN based on that family starts.

    The end time of Countdown is related to CITY SIZE:

    City              , ,


    Chicago50 SPOTS 24 HOURS25 SPOTS 24 HOURS
    Detroit35 SPOTS 60 HOURS20 SPOTS 48 HOURS
    New York 45 SPOTS 36 HOURS20 SPOTS 48 HOURS
    Baltimore 35 SPOTS 60 HOURS20 SPOTS 48 HOURS
    Philadelphia35 SPOTS 60 HOURS15 SPOTS 72 HOURS
    Corleone20 SPOTS 96 HOURS15 SPOTS 72 HOURS
    Las Vegas 25 SPOTS 84 HOURS15 SPOTS 72 HOURS
    Palermo20 SPOTS 96 HOURS10 SPOTS 96 HOURS

    It starts
    when a family bought/got the last spot of the city

    Special requirement

    • To start a countdown, don of the family must be with rank Godfather/First Lady
    • It is only possible to start a countdown if there are 5 or less families standing in the game

    It only stops if:

    • Family that triggered it goes down
    • Timer reached the end

    When it reaches the end:
    If family has 100% of city, the GAME IS OVER and that family is the winner.
    If family doesn't have the 100%, the game continues normally waiting for a new countdown.

    Buy Spots Time limit

    • When there is a countdown, for the winning family, the timing to buy spots will decrease to 2 hours instead 12/6.
    • When the condition mentioned above this task is in progress, nobody from that family can go in holiday
    • The interval to re-enter safe-house change to 2 hours.
    • There is no 48h family protection during Countdown in the city where countdown has been triggered

    Conquering a City


    When the family starts a countdown, it will appear on the top bar.

    The timer is shown on the top bar - Over/click for details
    The timer showing the round winner





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