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We are the Omerta IRC Crew, also known as the (IRC) Feds.
We maintain everything regarding to the chat, Omerta IRC, and all of it's chatservices for Omerta Game Limited.

You can find us hanging around to help you in #help.irc or (TR). You can state your questions there if you did not find the answers on this wiki.
You can also mail us at

The IRC Crew consists of Helpers and IRC Operators:

  • Helpers can be recognized by their host, have an @ in our help-channels (#help.irc or and can be found on our Crew-list.
    Helpers are not required to quit playing the game, as they do not get any access that gives them an advantage over other players. Their main task is to answer questions in our help-channels.
  • IRC Operators (or short: opers) can be recognized by the ! in front of their names and can be found under IRC Operators and IRC Management in our Crew-list.
    IRC Operators are not allowed to continue playing the game. Besides helping out users, they are also tasked with maintaining our services and enforcing the network rules.

If you want to be part of the IRC Crew, contact Brainscrewer on IRC.


We are responsible for:

  • The chatserver to be up and running
  • All IRC-services (Chanserv, Nickserv, Memoserv, etc.)
  • Enforcing the rules on IRC.
  • Helping users with their questions regarding to IRC
  • Maintaining the IRCwiki

We are not responsible for:

  • Answering game-related questions
  • Unbanning you in channels
  • Helping you in breaking rules
  • Stealing your cars ingame (those are other Feds)


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