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The maximum individual rank a player can be is Bruglione. To become a Capodecina/Godfather players have to achieve the following requirements: Bruglione with at least 100% of rank progress, capomoney (minimum), , regime strength, being a family capo or top3, have 1 working spot (non-bankrupt or destructed spot) and 5 active members in regime (active member is a member who had ingame activity in last 24h - doing races, heists, gcs etc)


To become Godfather/First Lady, the requirements are very similar but the user has to be Don with 17,5 million of capomoney (has to be Bruglione 100%+ anyway).

 Regime strength values:

COM: 2000, 1500, 1000

TR, DM, NL: 1500, 1000, 750

PT: 1000, 600, 300

RED without unlockables

Special note

As of January 2020 rank Capodecina is available only after family has Godfather; It's not longer possible for capo's or a top 3 account to promote to Capodecina if the don is not a Godfather. Capodecina's will be demoted if a don loses his requirement.

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