The concept of City, stays the same as always. 

On this page you can find information about following: 

  1. Families
  2. How this works?
  3. Spot costs
  4. FAQ



Example of a City


Don/Capo regimes are now changed. Capo regime is no longer a unique spot. Instead, it is represented by a group of spots.

What does this exactly mean?

Each capo/don can have 5 spots.

Each spot represents 10* members space in family. This means that each capo/don can have 50* members per regime.

1 spot = 5 members

5 spots owned by 1 capo/don = 50 members regime

*On TR/PT and DM server these numbers are halved. Each spot represents 5 members space in family and each capo/don can have 25 members per regime.

How this works?

After capo or don buys start spot, he can expand only to neighbor spots. Capo/don can run more than 1 business as well. Once family owns the whole city, a countdown will start. If this family still owns the city at the moment when countdown ends, version is over and this family is the winner!

Spot Costs

Start spot of family costs 15,000,000$. Family expansion spots cost 5,000,000$

What is required for spot owner to promote to Capodecina or Godfather/First Lady?

To promote to higher rank than Bruglione (100%+) you need to have: 5 spots and each spot must have 1 house rented (total 5 houses), 300% protection on all 5 spots (total), and Capo money. Regime strength is not a need anymore for you to promote.




Example of a Capo that owns 5 spots



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

I am capo and I have 5 spots, how can I handover one of them to another member?

It is not possible! You are capo with your capo regime. Capo regime can be consisted from 1-5 spots. You can handover ONLY your capo regime (all spots you have) and not a single spot.You need successor for your regime and not for every singular spot.

We shot another family in our city, but our don didn't get the spots. Why?

When you kill capo/don form another family, their spots will automatically go to the first member who can become capo. But don't forget - one capo/don can posses maximum 5 spots! Top 3 of your family will have 48h to drop the spots they want.

How long do I have to wait to purchase next spot?

Cooldown to next sport purchase varies between 6 and 12 hours, depending on server. For COM, NL,PT and TR server it is 6 hours and for DM it is 12 hours.

How often Local Mob spots reset?

Spots that are in possession of Local Mob will reset every 4 days.


Spots obtained by killing another family in the same city will always go to the NEW member (new capo). They won't be added to the existing one's!